Panasonic (Global) ‘ Lumix S5I Launch Campaign Content’

Panasonic Australia and content agency Bake have led the new LUMIX S5II camera global content launch campaign.

The campaign was filmed on the LUMIX S5II camera. Panasonic’s key principle was to showcase what the camera can do in real world situations and to inspire content creators from all walks of life. The unifying theme of the campaign is the ‘joy of doing’ to embody the invigorating feeling one gets when taking positive action.

‘Joy of doing’ has 800 pieces of content including 8 short films, stills photography and video production. Panasonic Australia and Bake oversaw the creative concepts, production and delivery of a significant portion of the global campaign launch of the  LUMIX S5II.

“We brainstormed 20 unique story ideas and presented three concepts to the Panasonic team to choose from. Each of the ideas were ready to kick-off with talent having already signed NDAs and release forms.” Full press release here as published in Adnews.

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Project Details

Client : Panasonic (Global)
Date : January 7th, 2023
Skills : Campaign
URL : Panasonic