Fintech Australia – Banking Reverse Pitch

In partnership with 1835i, ANZ, Westpac, and Investment NSW, the ‘Banking Reverse Pitch’ initiative is a platform for local and global companies including fintechs and emerging techs including regtech, greentechs etc. to support the Australian banking and finance sector.

In this first edition, ANZ and Westpac will present their challenges to innovative companies at Australia’s first banking reverse-pitch night event on 21 February, 2024. Startups and scaleups have the opportunity to present their solutions to the banks by 20 March, 2024.

It was the Bake teams pleasure to multi cam, live stream this sold out event to 150+ live stream viewers & capture a range of stills photos of this sold out launch event.

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Project Details

Client : Fintech Australia
Date : February 16, 2024
Skills : Live Streaming
URL : FinTech Australia